13 Super Useful Tips To Make your little room much bigger

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Make your little room much bigger with these 13 super useful tips. Read here and get room for both sofa and dining room in your small living room!

If you only have a few square meters of living space to living, then you know that even the smallest interior flaw can cost precious space.

That’s why we’ve created a guide with 13 helpful tips for all those who can’t afford waste in the living room.

Small Living Room Tip # 1: White is always a hit

If you just want a simple and elegant living room that makes the most of the sparse space, then a completely white living room is a hit. If you really create a completed white living room, then it will undoubtedly arouse excitement. Check out the gallery below for more inspiration to decorate the perfect little living room completely in white:

White is always a hit

Small Living Room Tip # 2: Move the pictures up

Air between furniture and wall decoration is a great way to provide a little extra optical space for the small living room.

Therefore, raise your pictures, photographs and other wall decorations just slightly higher than you would normally in a living room with a few more square meters.

Small Living Room Tip # 3: Take advantage of the corners

If you have slanted walls, a round bay window or another crooked corner in your living room, then it might be worthwhile to explore the possibility of having a custom built cupboard, bench or something completely suitable for your exact crooked corner.

Small Living Room Tip # 4: Multistory tables

Yes, it is nice to have a large coffee table on which you can set things up, but you do not have room for that. Instead, find a small multi-storey coffee table that has the same surface area – just spread over several levels – or a side table that can be pushed over the sofa.

Small Living Room Tips # 5: No Shelves

You can put up a single decorative shelf, but generally open shelves with lots of nips and books are a bad idea in the small living room. They can quickly give a messy impression. In such a small space, the eyes should be able to rest on some calm surfaces.

No Shelves

Small Living Room Tip # 6: Height Storage

A nice sideboard or TV bench is not ideal in a small living room because it occupies a lot of width and occupies floor space without giving much storage space in return. Therefore, it is better to find a closed cupboard or shelf that steals space in height instead.

Small Living Room Tip # 7: Narrow Leg Furniture

With narrow legs on your couch, your closet and your armchair, you automatically create the illusion of more space in the small living room. Guests will experience the space as lighter, more light and larger – so overall overall more welcoming, and that is what you would like.

Small living room tip # 8: Pif, paf… brilliant puf

A pouf is the ultimate spare-space piece of furniture! You can use it as extra seating when you have guests, as a resting place for tired feet and as an alternative to a coffee table by throwing a serving tray upstairs. It is then space utilization that wants something!

Small Living Room Tip # 9: Light Up

Dark areas cause a small living room to shrink, so make sure you are comfortable with lamps in the room. Try to avoid large, heavy ceiling lights and opt for several small ones instead. Wall lamps are also much better than standard and floor lamps because they do not steal your precious floor space.

Small Living Room Tip # 10: Zero Curtains

Curtains are nice and extremely practical when the residence needs to be closed out a bit, but even the most discreet blinds take up space and block the light. If you can live with prying eyes, then it’s worth dropping the curtains.

Zero Curtains

Small Living Room Tips # 11: Choose a focus wall

If all the walls in the small room are filled with pictures, wallpaper, shelves, and more, then it makes the space smaller. But you can easily find space to unfold creatively anyway. Instead, choose a single wall that you fill with all the things you love.

Small Living Room Tips # 12: Find the Perfect Small Sofa

There is no need to lie; A nice little sofa that meets all your needs is hard to find. Fortunately, you can easily find one that meets 90%. Maybe it can’t just be transformed into a sofa bed, but then you can, for example, find a folding mattress that can also be used as a puff for everyday. It’s about getting as close to the dream as possible and then thinking creatively for the rest.

Small Living Room Tip # 13: Scrap loose

It is a classic mistake to stick to old furniture because they have affection value, have been expensive or just seem like the easiest solution. But when you need to decorate a small living room, you can’t afford to be sentimental. Retire the antique sofa and go in search of one that fits the layout of your new little living room.

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