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15 Dressing Storage Ideas for a Small Room (Pictures Detail)

dressing room above the door

Everyone look for a perfectly fitted dressing room storage!. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes quite different.

However, let’s not give up !. Several decorative Ideas we’ve written to this website with some magical design that will make your small apartment amazing ! Happy reading.

Few of us are lucky enough to have a huge space to showcase our beautiful fashion pieces from our favorite shops. But the others, have lack of space in their apartment room. They may not have been able to define the appropriate space to set up the storage area for all their lovely clothes. Before giving up on creating a dressing room, let yourself be guided by our article and solve your problem now !.

Small dressing rooms, a solution for everyone

With our ideas for fitting out a dressing room, you will see that inside the house, even the smallest space can be optimized. Taking advantage of the smallest square centimeter, the small walk-in closets allow us to organize the storage of all our belongings with a minimum of space on the floor and on the walls. Whether it is a small U-shaped dressing room, a small corner dressing room or even a small low dressing room, we have selected several combinations capable of satisfying you. It’s up to you to make your choice now!

Quickly discover our special small dressing tips for decorating your interior and choosing your outfit at a glance each morning.

Source : elle.fr

Some apartments have old and large closets, the potential of which has been overlooked. With adequate storage systems, they can become very practical. Clothes racks, shelves for linen, bins for duvet covers and trolley for underwear: each location has a dedicated use!

The little extra? So as not to lose any cm², the closet doors also accommodate coat racks and coat hooks for clothes or jewelry.

A dressing room with small pieces of furniture

Source : elle.fr

Who said that a wardrobe must absolutely take the form of a room? Be inventive, push the furniture and free up a corner of your bedroom to create a small dressing area. Metal shelves, a low piece of furniture and a similar wardrobe and you get your personalized mini dressing!

The little extra? Armchair, mirror, carpet accentuate the cozy character of the space where you have to prepare.

A dressing room as a headboard

Source : elle.fr

Think of double-function furniture! For example, this a priori basic headboard hides an unsuspected wardrobe that is embedded in the furniture.

The little extra? Under the wardrobe, there is a shelf with a few baskets for storage.

A closet built into the wall

Source : elle.fr

In any room, niches have the gift of annoying us when in truth, they are ideal for hosting a custom closet. Impeccably embedded in this niche, this closet accommodates two wardrobes, shelves and drawers.

The little extra? The color reminder between the walls of the room and the blinds that close this piece of furniture if necessary.

A dressing room with clothes racks

Source : elle.fr

The rack is back in force in our decor! Nice opportunity to reclaim it in our room and multiply it for a dressing area with a clean look. With him, our bedroom looks like two drops of water like a fashion boutique!

The little extra? The shelves, placed above the racks, with baskets that can accommodate bags and shoes.

A walk-in closet

Source : elle.fr

It is quite possible to arrange a dressing room in a studio or in a bedroom under the eaves. The proof with this custom sliding cupboard, placed under the lower part of the attic. Ultra complete, it intelligently optimizes this space which is usually difficult to arrange.

The little extra? Adding a mirror on the wall and a few coat hooks to hang your jewelry (bottom left) to decorate the space.

A dressing room as a room divider

Source : elle.fr

In a studio, it is sometimes difficult to separate the sleeping area from the living area. The walk-in closet can play this role of separating furniture while offering the most complete storage space.

The little extra? This combination has a wardrobe section which allows light to diffuse between the two rooms. Much nicer than a real imposing piece of furniture which would darken the whole.

A dressing room under a bed

Source : elle.fr

A dressing room under a bed: the idea is a bit far-fetched, we grant it, and yet the space available under our mattress offers a good storage capacity. By adopting a safe bed, you gain both space in your room and a dressing room out of sight.

The little extra? Plastic storage bins: glued to each other in the trunk, they allow you to sort your clothes as on conventional shelves

A modular dressing room.

Source : elle.fr

The best dressing room is obviously custom furniture, it can very well adapt to the XS dimensions of your small area. The proof in this room with this large piece of furniture multiplying shelves, drawers and wardrobe.

The little extra? The arrangement of this piece of furniture is very high but ultimately not wide. Indeed, it allows here to form a small corridor out of sight within the room.

A dressing room above a door

Source : elle.fr

Explore the most unexpected parts of a room to create a wardrobe worthy of the name! Over the entire upper part, above the door, a long rod accommodates a large wardrobe. The whole is accessible thanks to a ladder.

The little extra? To play the perfectly equipped dressing rooms, a small dressing table was installed to the left of the door.

A dressing room under the stairs

Source : elle.fr

If your small apartment has a staircase, optimize the small space available under it to make a dressing room. A bench, a rod, a few coat hooks and shelves and voila. Your wardrobe has found a space to suit it!

The little extra? The space is closed by a door, which gives the impression of having one more room!

A dressing room on a wall

Source : elle.fr

Ideal solution in a studio or a small apartment: use a whole wall section to install a real dressing room. This dizzying installation, we grant you, will accommodate shelves, lockers and clothes racks where it will be possible to store an entire wardrobe and more.

The little extra? The huge curtain that hides this whole wall section. The curtain can be a dust nest, of course, but it is above all the practical element that hides our whole bazaar.

A dressing room in a loft bed

Source : elle.fr

When a loft bed occupies a large part of the room, it is difficult to foresee a small dressing area. In this specific case, it is better to opt for a model which accommodates in its lower part a cupboard with removable rack.

The little extra? The clothes rack placed in this part can very well be replaced by shelves fixed inside the cupboard.

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