How to Build DIY Sturdy Oak Coffee Table

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diy coffe table part 3
diy coffe table part 3

A little coffee table is stylish , wide enough to put on something nice and sturdy. You can made it by your own hand, check this amazing tutorials and see the pictures carefully !.

You need this

  • oak, 4 cm thick
  • 49 × 135 cm (top)
  • 23 × 135 cm (leg)
  • 2x 23 × 22.5 cm (leg)
  • 4x screw 5 × 80 mm
  • 4x dowel 8 mm
  • varnish
  • cleaning cloth
  • sandpaper
  • drilling machine
  • speed drill 8 mm
  • wood glue

That’s how you make it

-Lightly sand the top and the 3 legs.
-Apply the varnish with a cleaning cloth, along with the wood grain and let it dry.
-Sand lightly.
-Apply another coat of lacquer twice in the same way.
-Attach the two short legs to the long leg. Screw this diagonally away from the top and bottom of the middle leg (pre-drill the screw holes with a wood drill), so that you will not see any screw holes.
-Drill holes for the dowels at the end of the legs with the speed drill, about 5 cm before the end.
-Do the same at the bottom of the sheet.
-Fix the dowels in the legs with wood glue and put glue on the dowels.
-Place the leaf on the legs.

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