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How to Choose a Duvet in 2020 (with Pictures Explanation)

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Like bedding and pillows, choosing a duvet is also important for a peaceful sleep. Size, level of heat, type of filling, how to find the most suitable duvet to guarantee you good nights? Here are some answers …

Size, level of heat, type of filling, all these are fundamental in the choice of a duvet for the bed in order to spend excellent nights. If you are looking for a duvet, this may be the time to ask yourself the right questions …

What size for a bed comforter?

The dimensions of a bed comforter are defined by several criteria: the dimensions of the mattress of course, the number of sleepers – 1 or 2 -, their body size and whether they are restlessly sleepy. For all these reasons the duvet should not be too small at the risk of discovering them in the context of restless sleep. The size of the duvet must of course be larger than that of a mattress.

For a 90 cm bed, it is advisable to choose a 140 x 200 or 200 x 200 duvet. For a 140 cm double bed, choose a 200 x 200, 240 x 240 or 260 x 240 duvet. Recommended 160 to 180 cm bed, a 260 x 240 duvet .

The heat level of a bed comforter

The level of warmth of a duvet is generally indicated on a scale of 1 to 4 or even 5 or 6 according to the manufacturers. The choice of a comforter depends on your sensitivity to cold and the temperature in the bedroom. If the room is heated to a temperature over 22 ° C, opt for a light duvet. For a room heated to a temperature between 18 and 22 ° C, the temperate duvet is ideal. If the room temperature is cool and below 18 ° C, then the very warm duvet should be favored.

Finally, the 4-season duvet is ideal for all those who are more or less sensitive to cold and the slight frost of autumn. It is composed of two duvets, one light and one thicker, joined together by pressures. This provides a real quilt for mid-season and winter and, separate from the second, a lighter quilt for summer. This type of duvet is the perfect alternative for not having to buy several duvets depending on the season.

The different fillings for a warm duvet

There are two types of upholstery: natural and synthetic.

The Naturall Filling

They are also durable over time. Only downsides: the high price which varies according to the percentage of down they contain and the specific maintenance. Among the natural fillings we find the feather and the down with the swelling and the absolute lightness. The duvets in natural silk, fine and very warm, have a good thermoregulation. Wool duvets have thermo and hydro regulating properties. This natural fiber is also hypoallergenic, it does not promote the development of mites. The duvets made of plant fibers, natural and renewable materials, have great thermal comfort.

Synthetic padding

Duvets with synthetic fillings have more than one asset. Recommended for allergy sufferers because their fibers prevent the development of mites. Today, synthetic fillings are as light as natural ones and increasingly provide perfect humidity control. Finally, maintenance is simplified by simply passing them to the machine.

The grammage of the bed comforter

The grammage is of great importance in the choice of a duvet. It corresponds to the weight of the quilt filling. It varies from 180g / m2, for light down comforters, to 500 g / m2 for the heavier synthetic fibers.

You now have all the information to choose the ideal duvet which, combined with good bedding and a good pillow, will allow you to spend comfortable and invigorating nights.

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