How to Clean a Dishwasher in 5 Very Easy Steps

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clean dishwasher tips

So moist is your dishwasher – and that’s how you clean it

See how disgusting a dishwasher can get, and get Mrs. Green’s advice to avoid making your own just as moist.

Sticky snuff in the door and chunks of food in the filters – have you seen your dishwasher recently in the edges? If not, then it’s a good idea to do it!

Therefore, your dishwasher will get damp

If you make these mistakes, your dishwasher may get damp:

  1. Do not remove food scraps with a washing brush or a napkin before inserting the service into the machine
  2. Use quick programs.
  3. Close the door after washing to keep the moisture in the machine.
  4. Use too little or too much detergent, salt and rinse aid in proportion to your water hardness.
  5. You do not regularly clean filters and door openings.

Therefore, do not under- or overdose

Detergent: If you undermine detergent you will not remove all the dirt and there may be a bacterial growth in the dishwasher. If the detergent is overdosed, a soap film may be placed on the service.

Rinse-off agent: If you under- or over-dose, there will be dull coating on the service. It is most clearly seen on glass.

Salt: If the salt container is not set to the real hardness of the water, a dull web may also appear on the service. You can regulate the amount of salt on your dishwasher. See how in the instruction manual.

Dishwasher: If your water has a hardness of 21 dH or less, you can use dishwasher. Most of the tabs on the market today contain most of all 3 components. The components are released during the dishwashing process, which means that tabs are not suitable for washing in short programs

Here is your dishwasher moist – and this is how you clean it

To avoid a nasty dishwasher, clean your dishwasher 3-4 times a year. The coarse filter, however, 1-2 times a month.

Dishwasher roughness and finish

Empty the grooves for food and grease once a week. Take out the rough sieve and clean it in warm water with detergent and a brush or toothbrush.

The finesse is similarly cleaned only 3-4 times a year. Use a brush to remove the fat layer where the ornamentals have been.

dishwasher cleaner

Dishwasher drain

After roughing and finsi are removed, scrub around the drain with a brush with a little hand-washing detergent.

Washing arm

Take out the rinse arms and remove food debris with a pointed object such as a toothpick and dry with a microfiber cloth.

clean dishwasher

Dishwasher Basket

Baskets in the dishwasher can be taken out and scrubbed with the dishwashing brush with hand washing detergent. Use if necessary. toothbrush and toothpick if it is difficult to get into all the hooks.

Corners and sides inside the dishwasher

If there is dirt in the corners of the dishwasher and on the sides, you can scrub with a brush. If there is lime collection after removing the dirt, you can run the dishwasher through with citric acid. See procedure on the citric acid container.

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