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How to Install Your TV On The Wall: All of Our Advice

wall mounted tv ideas

Simple !. To attach your television to the wall? Not necessarily depending on your device and the type of support, the choice of equipment may change. Here are our recommendations for getting there without a problem.

The height

Installation may be constrained from the outset by the configuration of your space or the arrangement of furniture. If possible, choose to install the TV at eye level. Sit on your sofa and identify where your gaze is. This will give you the perfect location for the center of the slab. If you prefer it to be higher, especially for ergonomic or aesthetic constraints, it may be wise to select a tilting wall support.

The choice of support

Be careful not to go wrong! The manufacturers of wall mounts indicate to which TVs their equipment is dedicated: compatible tile sizes and maximum weight not to be exceeded are clearly indicated. Do not underestimate this fact. Also make sure the media is compatible with the VESA standard for your TV. This is expressed in millimeters and indicates the space between the four mounting holes of your TV. (400 x 400 mm, 200 x 200 mm, etc.). Most stands are universal and fit almost all TVs.

Also pay attention to the wall on which you will install your support. On a brick, concrete block or concrete structure, no risk: you can install any support there. Provided of course to bet on the right screws and the right pegs. Because beware, even if televisions have undergone slimming cures over the years, some can still weigh more than 20 kg.

If the support is made of a fragile or brittle material, such as BA13 plates for example, or plaster tiles, you should avoid choosing a support at the drilling points too close to each other. Even if the metal anchors for hollow partitions (more commonly called Molly anchors) support a significant weight, multiplying the holes weakens the support. Here, it is better to opt for a model with a fairly wide base and spaced attachment points.

If you have opted for an installation at a height or in a corner of the wall, for example, there are tilting, orientable, but also extendable supports. Depending on the configuration of the room and the installation, they are a great way to combat sun glare at certain times of the day. Be careful however, because these supports have the effect of creating a lever arm which constrains the fixing points on the wall. Hence the importance of choosing the right hardware.

The screws

On the hardware side, we have already discussed the installation on a plasterboard type hollow wall which requires the use of specific expansion screws. Other hollow materials such as concrete block or brick require expansion plugs, metallic or not.

If the thickness of the wall before the void (which allows the metal structure to extend) is important, it will be necessary to opt for a so-called “double skin” dowel. For a solid wall, good traditional dowels will do the trick. In all cases, the recommended drilling diameters must be observed.

The size of the dowels then varies from the diameter 6 mm (for a television weighing less than 20 kg, for example) to 10 mm or more for a television weighing more than 50 kg. With 7 or 8 mm dowels, you should be quiet. We even recommend that you add so-called “self-locking” washers that will clamp the screws so that they do not unscrew over time, which can happen if you choose a mobile support that you handle regularly.

Then you just have to identify the holes to be made while ensuring that the support is correctly positioned. Some also include a bubble to make your work easier. Also be careful to take into account the location of the screw holes on your TV. They are not necessarily centered on the back of the slab, which can then distort the height that you had defined during the first step. A little math is required to calculate the carry over of the odds.

The passage of cables

Last step, the passage of cables. The more do-it-yourselfers and the more courageous will also consider a recessed cable passage. Then provide ducts large enough to comfortably pass your HDMI cables. If you do not want to attack the wall with a chisel to fill in and repaint, you will opt for moldings. Again, you must choose a size sufficient to pass the cables and provide a little reserve for future connections.

Given the low stresses, double-sided adhesive may be sufficient to hold the molding in place. This will avoid drilling the wall again. Finally, make sure that the molding is also perfectly level.

Specially designed televisions

We have not discussed here the TVs requiring proprietary mounting systems. This is the case, for example, for LG OLED TVs whose thinness and design of the panel do not allow to adapt a universal system, but requires buying the LG system … at a high price. On the other hand, these supports are often very well made. We were able to find out during our test of the LG OLED65W7 from the Signature range.
At Sony, televisions with the Acoustic Surface system, present in particular on the Bravia A1, also require special attention. Finally, Samsung also offers ultra-flat and designer fixing systems for its QLED flat or curved panel TVs.

Practice by doing

In the same way, LG and Samsung market televisions where the connection is deported in an external block. It remains hidden in the cabinet and only a very discreet cable (a few millimeters in diameter for the Samsung One Connect) goes up to the TV. An ideal configuration!

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