Super Easy Tips How To Remove Stopper From Sink

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remove stopper from sink

The sink has stopped – what do you do?

Most people at one time or another find that the sink stops. But what do you do with a stopped sink? Get answers here.

Most people at one time or another find that the sink stops. You can use a sweeper to clean the drain. Photo: Colourbox

Get free passage through a stopped drain or sink with this easy and eco-friendly guide.

remove stopper from sink

Clean a stopped drain

  1. Clean plug in sink. Lift the stopper at the bottom of the sink and clean it.
  2. Pour boiling water into drains. Pour boiling water into the drain if there is still little throughput. Do not use caustic soda or drain cleaner as it is toxic and, at worst, can etch more. As the product is highly corrosive, it can damage aluminum, zinc, tin, lead and it will etch the skin by touch.
  3. Use a sweater. If the drain is completely stopped – use a sweeper. Put the sweeper over the drain, fill water in the sink and hold a hand or cloth for the overflow. Press down on the sweeper and pull up a few times to release the plug of filth. Repeat the exercise until the problem is resolved.
  4. Clean the water trap. If that doesn’t work, turn off the water at the main tap, unscrew the water trap and clean it. REMEMBER to put a bucket under. It may smell a little ugly.
  5. Check out floor drain. If the drain has been introduced into the floor drain without a water trap, clean the floor drain.
  6. Call a plumber. If the drain is still stopped – call a plumber.

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