Tutorial: How to make a driftwood chandelier glow?

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How to make a driftwood chandelier glow
How to make a driftwood chandelier glow

Be inspired by this DIY to make your pendants glow

How to make a driftwood chandelier glow

More and more driftwood decorations appear. Lamps, candlesticks, coat hooks, frames, candle pots … can be perfectly adapted to varioEquipment you will needus styles (industrial, Scandinavian, chalet …) of interiors. Learn how to make beautiful chandeliers from driftwood.

Equipment you will need

Before you start DIY, make sure you have all the equipment you need to make your project run smoothly. If you have a garage, workshop or garden, use chandeliers in such spaces. Otherwise, make sure to create a corner large enough to easily patch without damaging anything in the house or apartment. Here is the list of tools you will need:

  • A piece / driftwood board
  • A hammer
  • A drill
  • An ankle diameter drill
  • One meter
  • Scissors
  • Several filament bulbs
  • A rope to hang the lamp
  • Power cable
  • A hook
  • An anchor adapted to your type of ceiling

Find a piece of wood that inspires you

As you walk along the river, at the seaside, or at the seaside, collect a beautiful piece of wood that can be used as a suspension. If you can’t find the desired shape of the wood, you can use a larger piece and go home and shape it your way. Tell yourself that this kind of driftwood chandelier will be the main decoration in your room, please take the time to choose the right wood!

Drill as many holes as possible to hang a light bulb.

After finding a beautiful piece of wood, the next step is to choose the number of bulbs to place on the chandelier. Then drill the necessary number of holes in a piece of wood, which will later be used to pass through the power cord, the end of the bulb.

Cut the power cord to the required length

Measure the height you want to suspend the chandeliers and the required cable size. Be sure to take measurements based on where you want to suspend. For example, if you want to hang it over a dining table, consider the height of the table and the height of you and your family. Similarly, if you want to hang a chandelier in the living room or any other room, be careful! Then, don’t hesitate to use cables of different lengths for unique rendering effects.

Pass the power cord through the hole in the wood

When you route the cable through the wood, you can still resize it. Don’t cut too small, because the bulb won’t light up, but don’t cut too long to prevent the bulb from falling into your head.

Place the filament bulb

You can buy other bulbs, but bulbs with filaments are often more aesthetically pleasing and bring design benefits to your design. You can change the shape of the filament and the size of the bulb to give your achievement an asymmetric and unique look. Also choose a bulb based on its type, such as white or yellow.

Make a hole in the ceiling

After the suspension is complete, you still have to use a drill to make a hole in the ceiling, insert a pin, and screw on a hook to hang the light.

Hang up your driftwood light

Above the living room table, sofa, bedroom or kitchen, you can hang the lamp wherever you need it. Hang the rope on both sides of the suspension and voila!

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